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CHF 3500 250000


9.9% max
4.4% min
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Important legal notice

The exact interest rate is determined based on your personal circumstances. Fill out the online request to receive a personalized quote. Note that the calculator only gives general information without knowing your particular circumstances.

Make Your Dreams Come True

With our online credit offer.

Major purchase, like a car purchase, professional development, or an unforeseen commitment like a move? It’s nice that you can realize most of life’s dreams quite quickly. With Moneybank’s credit offers, every dream becomes a reality. Our loans help you realize your plans while remaining financially flexible.

Apply for credit in 3 short steps. for free.

The granting of a credit is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness of the consumer (legal information according to Art. 3 UWG).

Online loan calculation example:10’000 CHF 12 months term:Example of an effkt. Interest rate in this case example of 9.95% ; The rate is max. about CHF 876.95 per month.
Processing fees: CHF 0 ; recommends credit periods of 6 -84 months. Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness. (Art. 3 UWG).





Guaranteed Fast and Easy. This is How it Works.

No hidden costs with your online loan

Beträge schon ab 1.000 CHF

Freely selectable terms of up to 84 months

Fast processing and payment

Interest deductible from tax

Apply conveniently from anywhere

Repay loans or increase them without problems

Enter your preferred credit and repayment period
With our loan calculator, the desired loan amount and monthly installments are immediately in view. The data is quickly displayed in real time and is free of charge.
The bank will contact you as soon as possible
The lender will contact you in a short time after your request and tell you exactly what documents are needed for your desired loan.

The desired amount will be transferred to your bank account
Once all of the neccessary documents are received by the bank, the credit will be transferred directly to your bank account. Click on credit inquiry and get your personal inquiry free of charge and fast

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The borrower can take out insurance at the time of signing and during the term to guarantee repayment of the installments in any situation. The savings are protected if you are unable to work and you remain solvent.

Strokes of fait

If you get into payment bottlenecks through no fault of your own, such as unemployment or illness, the insurance takes on the obligation during the term. You protect yourself and your family from financial problems.

Financial Planning

A long illness can also bring a carefully planned budget in danger. In this case, the question arises as to who should pay for the monthly lease or loan payments.

Safety for the Future

A lot can happen in life: A company cuts Jobs or gets into trouble, the worker loses his or her job. Unexpected cases always come when you least expect them. The insurance helps here.


Instant Credit

A major purchase, professional training or an unforeseen move? Our personal loans help you realize your plans and allow you to stay financially flexible. Check here free of charge, and without obligation.

Kredit für Auto
Car Credit

Pay less thanks to cash. Cash is king, and the biggest discounts come from being a cash buyer when you buy a car. With a bit of skill you can get good discounts here. a credit provides the right argument for this.

Unternehmens Kredit Firmen Kredit
Company Credit

Do you want to expand your company or are you looking for stability in difficult times? As the boss, you always have to be able to react quickly. With quick additional financial resources, your company is flexible in every situation.

Consumer Loan

With consumer loans, you can fulfill your own personal desires. A motorcycle, an e-bike...things you've wanted to post for a long time, but never had enough of your own funds. Apply for loan and fulfill small dreams after credit check.

Kredit für Zähne
Micro loan

A small loan is often used to bridge small financial bottlenecks. Repairs, essential new purchases or treatment. Small loan can be the right and flexible solution for such cases.

50.000 CHF

72 Monate

CHF914.30/max. per month

100.000 CHF

84 Monate

CHF1635.60/max. per month
Loan for a house
Loan for a appartement

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The granting of credit is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness of the consumer. ( Art. 3 UWG )